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CR's Heart of Photography

Countdown to Weekly Photography Challenge

Saturday, July 4th @ 12:59am

Participate in our Weekly Photography Challenge on the theme of Take a photograph in which symmetry is the main concept for the chance to win a 100 :points:!

Photograph of the Day

Give some love for our Photograph of the Day!

If you would like to be considered, submit your own photographs into this folder!
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Comment Month

May Conclusion!

Dark Forest by Assassayah Fog by Assassayah Fields In The Evening by Assassayah

Three Bearded Dragons by Charmed-Ravenclaw Blood Drops by Charmed-Ravenclaw Squirrel! by Charmed-Ravenclaw

All of the lights by Faerie2304 Flashes of gold by Faerie2304 My cat Minoes by Faerie2304

the coyote in me is howling by fotomademoiselle i can't keep waiting for tomorrow for fate by fotomademoiselle wherever you are by fotomademoiselle

Hydrangea Leaf by Hansmar Les details d'Eiffel by Hansmar What did you say? by Hansmar

In loving memory of Cho' by JeanneDeaux Nautilus by JeanneDeaux Nothing better than a snack prepared by mama by JeanneDeaux

Time Grows Short - Winter Witch by Kirjavaa Castellan Ballerina - We Bend Together by Kirjavaa In Her Eyes - Winter Witch by Kirjavaa

Mistral by Lorelei-Cha   Vintage by Lorelei-Cha  Red Rose by Lorelei-Cha

Paf ! by Markotxe A tranquil place by Markotxe RS 02 by Markotxe

Teatime by Quaiasla Vastness by Quaiasla Song without Words by Quaiasla

Dark side [04.2015] by SabakuNoShiWithout face [04.2015] by SabakuNoShiScream [04.2015] by SabakuNoShi

Flourishing Universe by VioletVeronika Blooming Between Two Worlds by VioletVeronika One More Time (for Gabriel) by VioletVeronika

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in Comment Month: May! We have already started our Comment Month: June, so please feel free to comment, comment, comment and spread some love around! :love:

Random from June 2015

Submit your photograph, one per week, to this folder to get some exposure!

The best will be submitted to our Gallery every month, so you really have nothing to lose.

Random from June Contest - Urban and Rural

Participate in our Monthly Contest on the theme of Urban and Rural for the chance to win a 3 Month Premium Membership!

Countdown to Monthly Contest

Tuesday, June 30th @ 5:59am

Participate in our Monthly Contest on the theme of Urban and Rural for the chance to win a 3 Month Premium Membership!

Important Information!

The many ways in which we can help you!

:bulletblue: Gain Exposure by submitting to our favourites! Submission is open to all members, one photograph, per week. No photo-manipulation allowed. The best will then be submitted into our Gallery every month!

:bulletgreen: Receive Constructive Feedback through our Comment Month! One photograph, per month, for your art to be critiqued and commented on by many members!

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:bulletblue: Urban and Rural is our theme for June!

:bulletgreen: Check out the latest edition of our Photography Newsletter for up-to-date news on the photography community inside and outside DeviantArt!

:bulletblue: The Photography Forum, which contains our Monthly Photography Critique Thread!

Drop by #CRphotography for our chat events, critique nights and game nights!

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Members' Feature: Urban and Rural

Sun Jun 28, 2015, 9:04 PM
June has been the Urban and Rural gallery month here at CRPhotography, and to honor that, some of our members have suggested photographs from the gallery for us to collect and feature. We hope you enjoy!

augenweide's selections:

...praha XLII... by roblfc1892 Sand of Time by paikan07 ...praha XXXVI... by roblfc1892 San Diego Skyline by jxsnyder uh baby i like it rawww by FatmeBondage Immutable Dusk by JanPusdrowski La defense by Durdenyr and no more by PatiMakowskaAmsterdam Canals at Night by Matthias-Haker Jungle School by stengchen A Magical Night In The Cemetery by Estruda ~ madhouse impressions ~ by twindischVienna Opera by Nightline Solna by rahmanio

UszatyArbuz's selections:

Japanese Garden by jeroenpaint Japanese Garden by jeroenpaint The Old Hix School by TheMan268 Spring is here by nihilistic-hun

serel's selections:

little sky by evenliu Fog Town by nina-Y Have you ever been to Rome? by Unkopierbar Neotropolis Mk 2 by Draken413oAmsterdam by Dapicture Oro by klapouch

Mocris's selections:

Arrows Down by VerticalDubai Gingerbread by DasGhul
Germany by Ikarusthefirst ...praha XXXIV... by roblfc1892

Markotxe's selections:

LJ by yanchith by EdwardSteele Zagreb by LunaFeles
First Glimpse by lil-Mickey old paris trip 21 by katcatkatcatkatcat Treacherous Weather by DanielHeydecke
Korcula by geckokid Friedrichshafen by alcatraz-pardo

Thank you to everyone who participated!

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