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CR's Heart of Photography

Countdown to Weekly Photography Challenge

Friday, December 4th @ 11:59pm

Participate in our Weekly Photography Challenge on the theme of Photograph something normally seen as "ugly" and render it beautiful! for the chance to win a 100 :points:!

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Comment Month

September Conclusion!

Thousands by Adurna0 The Earth's Children by Adurna0 Pencils by Adurna0

Hi, do you have some food? by andromeda-ek A new hope by andromeda-ek Frame by andromeda-ek

Pretty Long Hair by Assassayah Portrait Pose by Assassayah Posing by Assassayah

Shooting Stars by Egnarts-Orev Early Morning2 by Egnarts-Orev What I, the Camera, Sees... by Egnarts-Orev

Playing with friends by IgnazioDelMar the volatile art of waves by IgnazioDelMar Family affairs by IgnazioDelMar

Up in the sky by Sabbelbina Sky lights by Sabbelbina Sonderho Windmill by Sabbelbina

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in Comment Month:September! We have already started our Comment Month: October, so please feel free to comment, comment, comment and spread some love around! :love:

Random from December 2015

Submit your photograph, one per week, to this folder to get some exposure!

The best will be submitted to our Gallery every month, so you really have nothing to lose.

Random from November Contest - Macro

Participate in our Monthly Contest on the theme of Macro Photography for the chance to win a 3 Month Core Membership!

What sort of Chat Events would you like us to host for you? 

20 deviants said All of these! :la:
15 deviants said Photography Art Challenges - Where we would challenge you to take a certain photograph within a small amount of time to test your creativity and skills
8 deviants said Photography meet and greet events Where we would all simply join the chatroom to introduce ourselves and chat with each other in a casual setting to possibly make new friends, find deviants with common interests,etc.
7 deviants said Photography Critique Events - So that members can give each other feedback in a live chatroom setting.
7 deviants said Photography Q&A Sessions: Where we would have photography experts of various galleries join to answer all of your questions!
3 deviants said Photography Trivia Events - Where we would host trivia games with photography related questions in which you can win prizes.
2 deviants said None of these! :x
No deviants said Other: Please comment! If multiple ideas are interesting to you, or if you have any feedback, we'd love to hear from you!

Countdown to Monthly Contest

Monday, November 30th @ 11:59pm

Participate in our Monthly Contest on the theme of Macro Photography for the chance to win a 3 Month Core Membership!

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:bulletblue: Contact Us by noting the contests, projects and more you want us to promote for you!
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:bulletblue: Macro Photography is our theme for November!

:bulletgreen: Check out the latest edition of our Photography Newsletter for up-to-date news on the photography community inside and outside DeviantArt!

:bulletblue: The Photography Forum, which contains our Monthly Photography Critique Thread!

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Best Of November Submissions

Mon Nov 30, 2015, 4:27 AM
Hey Fellow Deviant Artists!

November... Autumn is on going while winter is... coming...

I am genuinely honored,
like every last day of each month, 
to have this opportunity to present to you 
the Best Of November Submissions from our Favourites.

November submissions were really interesting. A bit of crazyness, of Winter and Autumn, and all being very impressively well achieved.
Ladies and Gents, Dear Devious Deviants:
month after month, it's my deep pleasure to feature here a choice of 20 photographs...
I swear it is not that easy as it was tough choices to make for this feature, of course,
but we, at CRPhotography, really congratulate all of you for your participation!

As usual, I hope humbly you will enjoy this selection. 
So, feel free to contemplate, and make your path... Don't be scared...

And never ever forget please: give a whole lotta love to the artists featured here...!

Walk the Line | 54 sec by zhenyab
ieroglifs by KseniaMaytama
Light Paints The Sky by t-r-a-n-c-e
Bloody Beauty 1 by Estelle-Photographie
Purely Refreshing. by OliviaMichalski
Pouring Out by EarthHart
Torso #1 by ArTKurama
159. droplets III by littleconfusion
Dolphin Jump by ManuelAdrianzen
Under The Sea by cheslah
Lost by Ikarusthefirst
Into the Dark by Zerolution
Purple Clouds by pablodedraws
Let the wind carry you by thedaydreaminggirl
Please press. by OliviaMichalski
Dreams by Bojkovski
Two Dogs by EarthHart
lost together by Andaelentari
Still life with grapes and quince by Argolith
Calm Day by Medniex

If you want to have the chance to be featured, 
please submit your work to our CRPhotography Favourites!

From all the team of CRPhotography, have a wonderful month of December,
and of course... Keep on enjoying the warmth of Autumn!
I'm on fire!

Don't miss our Monthly Newsletter to come by Kaz-DHeart

We (and I, for sure) love You Fellow Devious Deviants!

"Bleed and Breed Art"

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